About the Gambia

Gambia is one of Africa's smallest countries and it is surrounded on three sides by the French speaking Senegal. To the west there is a approx. 65 km. of Atlantic coastline.

Gambia is mainly English speaking, together with Woluff, Mandinga, Fula and other local languages.
The inhabitants are very friendly and like to speak to the tourists.
It is safe to travel around the Gambia, since the crime rate is very low, but we still advise you to exercise the same caution you would at home.
Gambia is a former English colony given independence in 1965 and has been a democratic republic ever since. The country is still using the English legal and school system.
Gambia is on the 13th northerly latitude and therefore there is no big difference in the length of days in. summer or winter. The Gambia doesn't use summertime, and all the year around are using GMT (or UTC zone Z).
The country's main source of income is fishing, agriculture and tourism, which is growing rapidly.


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