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Check in to tranquillity

When you stay at Lemon Creek, you are surrounded by nature and a serene tranquillity. We welcome guests throughout the year, and regardless of the season, you can enjoy the tropic heat in a nice and relaxed setting.

The lush greenery of the beautiful park where palm trees, old baobab trees and other tropical fauna create a wonderful scenery and cast shadows where you can cool down. Exotic birds and busy little monkeys can be seen in the park.

The sound of the rolling waves sets the atmosphere. And you can let your eyes wander across the surface glittering in the sunlight. Enjoy a breath-taking sunset with a cold drink in your hand. This is the life!

The premises and the layout of the hotel building sadly does not accommodate to the needs of people who are walking-impaired or use a wheelchair.

Relax by the pool or on the beach

A holiday is full of choices. And the Gambia has a lot of options for you to explore >>

If you choose to stay at the hotel to relax one day or more, you can do so by the pool or on the beach. Our sunbeds make it so easy for you to just sit back and enjoy your African holiday.

In the restaurant, our friendly staff will make sure you are not relaxing on an empty stomach and help you maintain a healthy fluid balance.

Do not feed the monkeys

You might encounter curious monkeys in the park as they regularly pass through the premises. They are harmless, but you shouldn't feed them!

You shouldn't leave valuables on your terrace and you should keep your terrace door closed when you're not around. Otherwise a curoius little monkey might drop by ...

The story about Lemon Creek

The hotel, which has 56 rooms, was built in 2006-07 on a large plot of land right on the sunny coast. Only five palm trees had to be cut down in order to make space for the colonial-styled buildings and hotel premises you see today.

We still hold great respect for our surroundings and aim to run a sustainable business. We harvest a lot of vegetables from our own garden. Moreover, a vast number of solar panels heat up the water used at the hotel. The solar project was made possible with great support from the Denmark's Development Corporation, DANIDA.

The hotel is also a great support for the local community as we employ about 95 locals and mainly use local products in our kitchen.

Lemon Creek Hotel Resort was built on a dream by a group of Danish friends of the Gambia who still own the hotel with funding from the IFU, which is an investment fund for developing countries.


We strive to delight our guests through
  • attentive staff
  • high-quality service
  • consistency
  • honesty
  • excellent kitchen
  • well-maintained surroundings
  • well-functioning infrastructure – including internet and airconditioning


Our vision is to remain one of the top 3 small seaside hotels in the Gambia in order to stay attractive to our guests, tour operators and our staff.

Whenever a guest plans a trip and a tour operator wants high quality and value for money, Lemon Creek should be their preferred choice. And for repeater guests, Lemon Creek must be the obvious choice!


The hotel staff are all proud Gambians. We are like one big family, and we look forward to welcoming you at our home on the sunny coast of the Gambia.

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Ramatoulie Ceesay

General Manager

Amie A Marong

Assistant Accountant

Lamin S Danso

Purchasing Officer

Lamin Jabbi

Reservation Manager

Gallow Baldeh

Head of Restaurant

Momodou Drammeh

Staff Cook

Lamin Saidykhan


Kaddy Jatta


Mam Faal

House Keeper

Antuwan Sambou

House Keeper

Alimatou Bah

House Keeper

Yamundaw Sanyang


Sanna Sambou

Chief Engineer

Alhassan Manneh


Molamin Colley


Lamin Sillah

Security Guard

Abdou Karim Baldeh


Mariama Camara

Security Guard

Omar Bah

Security Guard

Malang Nyassi

Security Guard

Emmanuel Jatta

Security Guard

Mustapha Gomez


Bilal Ceesay

Security Guard

Samba Kandeh

Head gardener

Yerro Kandeh


Biram Sowe


Musa Baldeh

Pool Attendant