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Experience the magnificent wildlife and history of Gambia River

In West Africa, the majestic Gambia River runs more than 1,120 km (700 miles) through Guinea and Senegal to the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Banjul. Famous for its coastal resorts and sandy beaches, the rich history and wildlife treasures of Gambia River are often overlooked by visitors. Take a trip down the river by boat, discover MacCarthy Island or visit the ruins of Kunta Kinteh Island.

To experience the real wonders of Gambia River, you need to go off the beaten track. Try hopping on board a traditional-style river pirogue that will take you past oyster creeks and through mangroves. You can watch the local fisherman or the oyster ladies in their dugout canoes - or challenge yourself to catch the world’s most ferocious freshwater fish, the Tigerfish.

The Gambia River

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Explore the Lemon Creek

Explore the Lemon Creek Hotel

A few weeks ago, German "holiday checker" Sonnenklar.TV visited Lemon Creek and made a live broadcast on Facebook to show our hotel to their followers.

In the video, you can follow the host as he walks around the hotel – see the view, a room, the restaurant, the pool area and the beach. You don't have to speak/understand German to enjoy the images. Needless to say, he is very satisfied with the surroundings and the spicy chicken stew he had in our restaurant the night before.

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Want to come & explore yourself?

Have you been tempted to come and explore the Lemon Creek and the Gambia?

Book your stay at the Lemon Creek right here ...

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What to do in the Gambia?

A holiday is full of choices. And the Gambia has a lot of options for you. Here are just some of the sights you can experience when visiting the Gambia. For some people, relaxing in the shade of a palm tree is all the action they require.

Visit the crocodile pond

At Lemon Creek Hotel Resort, you are staying right on the beach and enjoy a stunning ocean view from your terrace. Stay by the pool or feel the warm sand between your toes. Or go explore ...

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Go green: Excellent taxi service in the Gambia

Taking the taxi in the Gambia is both cheap and easy. You just need to choose the right type of taxi. Let our staff summon a taxi when you need one. The prices are fixed, so you can just jump in, confirm the price, and off you go. Often the driver will happily wait for you to do your thing before returning you to the hotel.

Take a taxi – it's easy and cheap

You will see different types of taxis on the roads of Serekunda and the Gambia in general. Let the colours of the vehicles guide you to a fair and safer choice.

You shouldn't expect taxis to be modern cars as many of them are old and run down. But they function and will get you from a to b in most cases.

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Serekunda – the Gambia's biggest town

Serekunda is the biggest town in the Gambia; much larger than the nearby capital. The town is full of life and atmosphere. When you stay at Lemon Creek Hotel Resort, you can either take a taxi from the hotel or stroll along the coast into the town centre. There you will find the bustling market with local specialties, colourful clothes and traditional arts and crafts items.

Explore the big market in Serekunda

About 350,000 people live in Serekunda and its suburbs. At the same time, it's the centre for tourists visiting the Gambia, and, therefore, the town has a great number of hotels, restaurants and bars – the main hotel area stretching along the coast where also Lemon Creek is located.

The pounding heart of the Serekunda is only a short taxi ride from the Lemon Creek. We will summon a licensed taxi when you need it.

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The Gambia has a birdlife out of the ordinary

You may not know this, but the Gambia is an excellent destination if you want to go bird watching. You are very likely to spot many new interesting and exotic species that you don't encounter in Europe. We've had bird watching guests counting as many as 200-250 different species. So, pack your camera and book a stay at Lemon Creek Hotel Resort >>

See the green side of the Gambia

It's a thrilling wildlife hunt without any blood or victims. Birds are shot – but just with a camera – and your trophies are stunning images of colourful coats of feathers and beaks on an exotic backdrop of pure African nature.

The diversity of birds is vast, and you will want to spend several days capturing images of as many as you possibly can. When you stay at Lemon Creek Hotel Resort, you will probably spot the first birds already upon arrival. The beautiful park surrounding the hotel is a peaceful haven not only for our guests but also the birds who come to visit. They pay for their stay by singing a tune.

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