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What to do in the Gambia?

A holiday is full of choices. And the Gambia has a lot of options for you. Here are just some of the sights you can experience when visiting the Gambia. For some people, relaxing in the shade of a palm tree is all the action they require.

Visit the crocodile pond

At Lemon Creek Hotel Resort, you are staying right on the beach and enjoy a stunning ocean view from your terrace. Stay by the pool or feel the warm sand between your toes. Or go explore ...

The crocodile pond

Visit the crocodile pond Before entering the area around the crocodile pond, be sure to visit the museum that tells so much of the history.

On your way from the museum to the pond, you will pass a lot of beautiful baobab trees.

The pond is home to around 100 Nile crocodiles. They are well fed but you can't trust a crocodile, so pay attention to the local guides and what they say. Never touch the head of the crocodile! And only touch a crocodile if the local pond guide tells you it is okay. They know what they talk about, since they all have 10 fingers.

Lamin Lodge

Visit Lamin Lodge Take a bot trip on the river. A good place to do so is from Lamin Lodge.

Lamin Lodge is a small community where everybody helps each other. And you can help them by supporting their village.

The locals know the area and quite a few stories about the treehouse (a hollow tree large enough to house you and your family). You can pick wild growing mangos on the way – the best way to eat a mango!

The hotel staff will be happy to give you directions on how to get there, or arrange a taxi for you.

The reptile farm

Get close to reptiles if you dare! The nearby reptile farm is a fantastic place. The guides really know what they are talking about. They care for the animals, which are mainly local Gambian reptiles.

There is no inbreeding and they are caught and released at regular intervals. They are not released near the reptile farm, so don't worry, the farm is a safe place.

Remember: The reptiles are more scared of you than you are of them! And you can touch and hold most of the different lizards, turtles and snakes, if the guides offer this to you. And it is completely OK to say NO!

Come explore!


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